June is PRIDE month, but we all know that love and representation is celebrated all year long. We love celebrating along side all of our clients who allow us to see so much diversity. From bisexual to transsexual, there are many faces of PRIDE. Each of those faces desire an outlet that normal entertainment and cultural programing cannot offer the LGBTQ community. PRIDE offers a voice and unique opportunities for people who may not see it elsewhere.

For this reason the LGBTQ community deserves public celebration. It is vital! The world should understand that queer people not only deserve unconditional love, but acceptance as well. The Stonewall riots and Marriage Equality speaks to this.

This is why the month of June is so important. This is why we enjoy the diverse group of clients we are so honored to plan weddings and events for. To all members of the LGBTQ community, we see you. We know that you exist even if others try to deny your power.

For the couples who are seeking accepting Wedding Planners, let us showcase your love. We take PRIDE in our clients and would love to plan your wedding. Complete the short form below to get started.

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