Your personalized wedding blueprint

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It all took a turn for the worse when...

When it comes to weddings the last thing you want to focus on is disasters. In fact you don't want any form of drama whatsoever. But how do you get to a wedding day that has little to no faults or unforeseen issues? 

The best way to have a seamless wedding day is through planning and knowing exactly what your wedding day will look like. Yes a Wedding Planner is great, but a planner still needs to know what magic he or she needs to make for you. 

Step #1 is creating your wedding blueprint (psst it's below). Here is your chance to design the wedding that you know will give you the right kind of vibes. 


This document is only for couples who are planning their wedding 6+ months from now. It is not useful to couples who are on the verge of getting married. If you meet this criteria please feel free to complete the form.