Free 12 Question Wedding Guide

Download our FREE 12 Questions to Answer to Have The Wedding of Your Dreams wedding guide to have the wedding your deserve and not what others want for you.


Dreaming of an out-of-this-world type of day that’s your kind perfect?
A day that gives you all the right vibes for all the right reasons?
FANTASTIC!  We have something just for you…


Before we give you this awesome freebie, you have to be willing to uncover what it is that you want out of your wedding. The problem many couples face is that they begin planning their wedding not really knowing what it is they really want. That can result in wasted time and money. We know you value both of those. This wedding guide will eliminate all the noise and allow you and your partner to eliminate confusing opinions from family, friends, and social media. We will show you how to create the perfect wedding for you. We like to call it a blueprint to wedding excellence.

Follow the steps in this free wedding guide and you will:

Share the same wedding vision with your partner moving in the same direction. You will feel confident in making financial decisions because they are based on your must haves. Be able to clearly communicate your requirements and ideas to your Wedding Vendors that totally represents you and your partner.

This is for anyone planning your wedding on your own or hiring a planner.