Event Strategy Solutions

Solutions for both professional planners and non planners seeking to plan their own event.

event strategy solutions

Our Event Strategy Solutions are 90 minute or two 1.5 hour sessions built to help you solve your biggest challenges. We identify how to avoid common mistakes made when planning an event on your own and who to contact to get exactly what you need. Walk away from our event strategy solutions session with a clear mind knowing you are legally sound and have the right resources to plan exactly what you need.

Non Planner Consultation services include:

  • How to reduce your catering, venue, and decor budget
  • How to find the right vendors that will bid for your event
  • How to protect yourself legally from disaster
  • What services are DIY friendly
  • Discuss common mistakes that could kill your event or wedding
  • How to truly engage your guests
  • How to achieve your desired outcome or goal
  • How to navigate through existing obstacles¬†

Non Planner Consultation

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Consultation Services for Professional Planners include:

  • How to properly grow your business
  • What resources are available to you as a one person team
  • What does protecting your business look like
  • What clients are best for you
  • Personal/Business branding
  • Developing preferred vendors
  • Pricing
  • Primary and Secondary Event Components
  • Wedding/Event Variations

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