Jason Colvin

Jason will teach small business leaders how to define their own brand experience for the clients who interact with them and how experiences drive customer acquisition and retention (thus leading to more money, referrals, and other opportunities.). His work with an experiential marketing agency working with brands such as Amazon, GEICO, Jagermeister, TD Bank, etc. has his company thinking about what great experiences can we deliver for these brands for their customers and target customers. Hell apply some of the best practices and translate that into a small business environment.


Tiffany Rivera

As the Owner of Simply Breathe Events, Tiffany has successfully transitioned from working as a full-time employee of another company outside of her field, to working for herself as an Executive Planner leading a team of  distinguished women. Tiffany will give you the step-by-step process on how you can effectively make the transition without compromise to your annual income.

Rhea Whitney

“Using what you have to get what you want!” 

A course in creating the best content marketing plan for your business.

"As a creative, I’d like to believe that we all aspire to reach our target audience more consistently. In order to do that, you must assert yourself as a subject matter expert and provide helpful content that would be of value to the potential clients your desire to reach. Using the knowledge base of your craft and content from past clients, you are able to create a strategic marketing plan and provide answers to their needs which can lead to increased bookings.”

As a successful Cinematographer,  Quinton has worked with the likes of B.E.T., Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Fox 5 Morning News, DC Public Schools, and GovCon providing them with creative concepts to tell the story on their product or service. Quinton will demonstrate how easy it is for business owners to step in front of the camera becoming an effective Storyteller.

Quinton Law

There are more than 250 million websites on the web. As CEO of Mezzohead Media, Myrna will give attendees every tool needed to better understand what Search Engine Optimization is, why it is important, and how to ensure your company is properly optimized to ensure visibility. After following her steps you'll see clear increase in traffic to your website, higher brand credibility, understand why SEO serves as a higher ROI than normal ads, and how to make your virtual footprint permanent.

Myrna Plaisir Daramy

How do we give people the tools, the strategies, the resources, the steps that they need to be successful and grow their business? Shauné has created these steps which allowed her to significantly build her business and land clients such as Tom Hanks, The Women of the White House, Food Network's Anne Burrell, Myrlie Evers Williams and many more. These same steps can be used by any business owner no matter the industry.

Shauné Hayes

Lunch is provided to all attendees and will be held at the venue.


Attendees will have the chance to hear divergent points of view regarding the state of small business and ask questions to our Panelist. The panel discussion will cover various topics and lessons learned during the small business intensive.

Panel Discussion