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 Andrew Roby - Muna Serenade DC

When booking a Wedding Planner or Event Planner, quality of service offered should match the experience you receive on your event or wedding day. To me this means you are laughing, shedding happy tears, and feeling as if there was no way on earth you could have chosen anyone else. 

As your Event or Wedding Planner, I want you to form memories that find their way into your heart years from now as you think about all the magical moments you've experienced. All the beautiful details, the love of family, friends, and clients, the energy - all of this rushing back to you each time you see a photo or read an award. 

Honestly, I've had my fair share of struggles as an inexperience planner years ago. I totally embarrassed myself in front of my friends because I wanted to put on an event for them. Paying more than what I should have paid, not being able to put out last minute fires, not enough food, and thinking I could do it on my own was my downfall. Although I did it out of love, I quickly learned that love needed some experience. Thankfully I now have 13 years of it. 

Your event or wedding planner is the main person that will be by your side from start to finish. This person will guide you on event day and ensure you continue laughing and have FUN. They come with years of experience preventing you from making costly mistakes. This is what you get with Andrew Roby Events. Your fearless ambassadors. 

My team and I will ensure your day with us is engaging, amazing, fun, and most importantly stress free. 

- Andrew Roby


The Investment

An investment into me as your Wedding or Event Planner is something that you will always cherish. Having the satisfaction that you had the opportunity to enjoy your wedding, see your child blow out the candles on their birthday cake, see your husband retire, laugh with your best friend until your stomach hurt, raise 1.3 million for a charitable cause are the only things that matter at the end of any event or wedding. 

Day/Month of Coordination Starts at: $1600

Full Planning Starting at: $3000

Starting at: $2500

Starting at: $4000


 Andrew of Andrew Roby Events

Everything that you are planning for regarding your wedding or event are temporary. There are only two things that will last: 1 - The new memories you create. 2 - The photographs you keep. 

We are available for events and weddings around the world. There is no place we cannot reach.