NES Anniversary Holiday Party


NES hosts an annual party each year for their employees to come and celebrate a year of success from the previous year. The party tends to occur after the holidays which is a perfect opportunity for NES employees to recharge and come back to work in high spirits.

Event Planning Objective

NES was already in the midst of planning their annual party, but needed a company to come in and handle the decorations giving the rooms a upscale yet fun feel during the winter months. We were charged with creating a space for 600 NES employees that allowed them to eat, dance, and break out into other spaces should they want to get away.

Event Planning Strategy

We presented to NES several options that would meet their needs. For the reception we wanted to pull in elements that would give a winter feel. We started with a frost blue type lighting that surrounded the room. Once the house lights were dimmed, we offered up the perfect wash to prevent the room from only being lit by up-lighting. This kept the design in tack while allowing guests to find their way around the room without  flashlight. We wanted to stay within budget so we created three different types of table centerpieces going from high to low price points. We hosted a trio of clear vases with floating candles, birch branches with orchids as another option, and used Manzanita Trees. For breakout rooms, we created sitting areas and additional bars to prevent lines at the featured bar.