Editorial: Modern Greenery Style Shoot

We’ve always wanted to create a style shoot that was not so over the top. I wanted to bring to life a table that didn’t have a dedicated centerpiece and allowed people to see elegance in a different way. I wanted something that was more modern and elements that aren’t traditional wedding pieces. This shoot caters more to Millennials who desire to have a bit of glam without overdoing it. 

This modern greenery shoot is for the modern bride and groom who loves fashion, but doesn’t need to have an actual wedding gown or tuxedo to showcase their love for it. It’s a casual modern wedding that says be comfortable, but not too comfortable that you aren’t fashionable or stylish. It brings the outside in and gives you a natural feel with the brick and wood planks on the wall.  

The modern greenery shoot actually is a style shoot training video that we created to outline what goes into creating a tabletop design. It focuses on each important element while only giving you one rule to follow when deciding what to use on your table. We wanted to use things that don’t immediately look as if they would work together, but once placed on the table it makes sense. 

This was our first time shooting in a style shoot in a studio. The garden and scenery outside was too amazing to not incorporate the outside element. That helped tie in the green feel that you will see throughout the images.

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Photographer: a little bit of whimsy 
Stylist/Planner: Andrew Roby Events 
Makeup Artist: Erwin Gomez
Hair Stylist: Skyler Whitehurst 
Bride’s Look: Ted Baker 
Groom’s Look: Blank Label 
Florist: Oak and Amble
Jewelry: Hunt Country Jewelers   
Stationary: Alisa Bobzien   
Baker: Blue Lace Cakes   
Rentals: Select Event Group
Rentals: AFR Furniture   
Model: Aiden Lui via Style Speaks   
Model: Amandeep Nijjar via Maggy Francois

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